Two Simple Plans.

Small Business Plan:

All card present transactions
are just 2.4% + .10.
cards not present (keyed)
are just 3.25% + .10
One simple $16.00/ month all inclusive account fee.

2.4% +.10

TEAL Plan:

No monthly fee.

You pay nothing, our terminal will add 4% to the total. ($10.00 > $10.40)


Try for Free:

Want to try Pymt without processing?

Start a 30 day trial for free!

For merchants processing over $75,000/monthly, contact us for specialty pricing.


How are transactions billed?

With each deposit, we will withhold transaction cost for the processed transactions.

Can I leave anytime?

Absolutely, we don’t want anyone locked in, we simply require a 30-days written notice and the return of any free equipment (we’ll send you a pre-paid label).

What payment methods can I accept?

All major credit cards- Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express. Our POS also can account for cash transactions. Select business types qualify for HSA/FSA cards.

Does it matter where I’m from?

Yes, we currently offer services in the United States, and Canada. We are actively working on supporting additional countries. Drop us a line if you think we should add yours.

Gift Cards?

With our free Gift Cards program, you can print and accept custom gift cards anytime with your phone or tablet! We’ll start you off with the first 25 custom cards free.

When do I get my deposit?

Our deposits are simple. Transactions submitted by 6:45 pm EST are posted for next business day deposit. Funds availability will vary by your bank. Free 1 hour on-boarding session for all new merchants.

I decided it was time for a change and these guys made the change-over a non-issue. Saving me lots of money and providing on-site support in a short time sealed the deal and we haven’t looked back. – Jimmy/ Dog Days, Birmingham