How Pymt Works.

Full-Featured Point of Sale, mobile.

Accept all major card payments- EMV, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other NFC methods- all on one device.

Works on your devices

No need to buy new hardware, we run on most current iOS, and Android devices.

Rock solid security

We are fully PCI compliant using the latest security standards to protect you and your business.

All our features:

Easy Inventory

Item management in Pymt is easy. View inventory by category, or search specifically for single items. Need to add a size/ color/ add on to your item? Simply add modifiers to the item and you are set. Perfect for both retail and with Remote Tab support for restaurant use.

Scan Item Search

Use your device’s camera to easily scan barcodes for faster service. With our online admin panel you can quickly enter barcodes to keep up with inventory.

Ad Hoc Items

Need to create an Ad Hoc Item? Or just want to charge a customer for a certain amount? Add a dollar amount straight to the cart.

Easy Gift Cards

Sell, and receive gift card payments right in Pymt. No more juggling systems for payment and gift cards. Even better- gift cards with Pymt are absolutely free. There is no additional cost to activate or redeem. We generate the gift card numbers for you and then you choose how to use them. Print them on your own, make digital versions, or we will connect you to our low cost gift card printer.

Kitchen Display System

Our Restaurant users can now implement a Kitchen Display System for all orders that need to be sent to the kitchen line. Download “Pymt- Kitchen Display System” from your App Store and start sending orders to your back of house. You can even have separate lines that items go to (kitchen/ bar/ drink line/ etc…). Just assign the KDS Line to an item and you are ready to go. Best part- there’s no extra cost!

Order History

Look back to any date and see previous transactions to resend receipts or refund orders. Use a simple date picker to search by date of transaction to find any order instantly. All your order management is quickly accessible straight from the app.

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Pymt is working hard to provide full-featured, affordable point of sale systems for merchants both big and small. No matter what you do, Pymt wants to help enable you with powerful tools so you can focus on the rest.