About Us

Pymt is working hard to provide full featured, affordable point of sale systems for merchants both big and small. We come from humble roots and understand what it takes to provide excellent service and usability through our platform to all types of industries. No matter what you do, Pymt wants to help enable you with powerful tools so you can focus on the rest.

Pymt was founded by two developers/ entrepreneurs from Birmingham, Alabama. We have a rich history creating quality software for high-stress and critical applications for the Healthcare industry.

We created Pymt out of necessity as we felt other “free” POS software was sub-par to offer our merchants, and that the POS software that was good quality priced itself above the very small-business owners who needed it most.

With 25+ years combined experience in software development, and 8+ years in the payment industry we know a few things about merchant services, and software development.

We would be honored to work with your company as well.