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Pymt Point of Sale Application is now available on all devices

Pymt Launches Full-Featured, Affordable Point of Sale System for Merchants of all Sizes That Works on iOS & Android Devices

Merchants often run into headaches when it comes to finding the right POS system to use for their business to maximize profits while maintaining ease of use. Pymt has stepped in to help by launching a reliable, no-cost, application that allows for quick and simple point of sale use.

March 3, 2020 – Birmingham Alabama.

One of the major hurdles for small and medium-sized businesses is determining how they handle Point of Sale purchases- in a way that is reliable, easy-to-use and doesn’t cut too deeply into profits.  Many of the current options are not good choices for one reason or another- either the cost of use is too high, features not adequate enough, or availability is limited to a specific platform.  The good news is a new company recently celebrated its public launch to dynamically address this issue. Pymt delivers a feature-rich, attractively priced Point of Sale system that can be accessed by a merchant using their iOS or Android device. To say the new POS system has been met with enthusiasm is an understatement.

“Pymt is working hard to provide a full-featured, affordable point of sale system for merchants both big and small,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “No matter what you do, Pymt wants to help enable you with powerful tools so you can focus on the rest of your business.”

Pymt provides both software and hardware solutions for users; with the choice of two transparent, simple rate plans based on their individual needs. Pymt plans to expand even further with email invoicing and Pymt webstores- both to be available soon.

Some highlights of Pymt’s features include among the lowest fees for credit/debit card sales in the industry at just 2.4%- a free cutting edge terminal that accepts EMV, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, next day deposited funds*, month to month terms with no hidden fees, and many other extras.

The early feedback from users has been very positive across the board, giving Pymt a full endorsement.

Jimmy, from Dog Days of Birmingham, recently said in his review, “I decided it was time for a change and these guys made the change-over a non-issue. Saving me lots of money and providing support in a short time sealed the deal and we haven’t looked back.”

Pymt was founded by two developers/entrepreneurs from Birmingham, Alabama. We have a rich history creating quality software for high-stress and critical applications for the Healthcare industry.

We created Pymt out of necessity as we felt other “free” POS software was sub-par to offer our merchants, and that the POS software that was good quality priced itself above the very small-business owners who needed it most.

With 25+ years of​ combined experience in software development, and 10+ years in the payment industry we know a few things about merchant services, and software development.

For more information or to sign up for Pymt be sure to visit https://pymtpos.com, email help@pymtpos.com or call 1-844-636-7968.

Media contacts: media@pymtpos.com | 844-636-7968


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