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What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is becoming one of the most popular and sought-after ways to make payments.

This innovative mobile payment platform acts as a true digital wallet. It enables users to process payments in different ways, such as online, in person and through iOS apps that support the system. This paves the way to many opportunities, making for a flexible and unique option.

Although it has been available ever since its release in 2014, Apple Pay is gaining momentum. It is becoming more widespread, as contactless tech is improving.

Apple Pay is now very convenient for users. It is heavily supported by stores in most countries, particularly in the United States, the UK, and Australia.  Pymt is ready to accept Apple Pay payments out of the box for you.

Apple Pay is not only just good for paying customers. In fact, merchants can also benefit from it in many ways. For example, they can rely on a more secure infrastructure. In a time when privacy is a big concern, this system offers heightened data protection. In addition to that, the flexibility of this payment system can make a business more competitive. It makes it easier for customers to pay and purchase services as quickly as possible!  

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